Yanitza Ninett | A self described still image storyteller...

I believe in Jesus. I’m a daydreamer. A creator of my own happiness and a hopeless romantic!
— Yanitza Ninett

The girl behind the lens...

I'm a devoted fan of love, family bonding and big smiles! A wife, and a mother of two amazing boys. I love adventures, anything outdoors, and I desire to be still, for a moment, in a hot air balloon. A Christ follower and inspired each and every day by the world around me. I'm deeply passionate about my family and have an ongoing love for my art and for life itself. I graduated from Facial & Body Esthetics, and had been an Esthetician for many years before becoming a Photographer, and I'm also a certified Wedding Planner. 

I've been in love with photography for as long as I can remember. I remember picking up my first camera, a Kodak with 110 film, and soon after, my world had changed and I fell in love with art and photography in a very natural way that felt completely perfect. Being a Photographer means that I get to capture all that I love from life itself, and so much more! I'm so happy that I get to live my life doing what I love the most. And when I'm not behind the lens, I enjoy reading, traveling & smiling. Lots of smilin' :) 


"I'm all about telling stories...let me tell yours!"

My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.
— John Green