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Choosing a location for your Engagement Session

Engagement and Couples Sessions are one of our most diverse and interactive sessions. It's a session in which the photographer gets to capture couples in their expression of love, fun, and chemistry. It's storytelling of a love story! Engagement sessions are usually for engaged couples and they are primarily booked around 6-10 months prior to the wedding date. Couples sessions are meant to capture any other couple who would love to get their love story captured in beautiful imagery. They are very common amongst newlyweds who didn't get to experience an engagement session, married couples who love to have annual pictures were taken, couples celebrating their anniversary and just any kind of relationship! I really love photographing couples because they always have a different story to tell and the details of affection are different in so many ways that I find it completely fascinating.

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How to choose the best location for your Engagement session

One of the most frequent questions I get when someone is inquiring about an Engagement Session is: "Can you choose the location for us?" We can absolutely choose a location for your session. But...there is one main reason why we guide YOU into selecting the location where your photos will be taken at. When you select the location, you are already picturing in your mind all the meaningful moments spent there, the reason you love that place so much, and how much you both enjoy being there. These key points play a very important role on how comfortable you will interact with each other in front of the camera. Thus, resulting in an absolutely amazing experience captured through my lens!

Select a location that is meaningful to both of you. A favorite spot near home, a place where you had your first date, a memorable place or just a personal spot you enjoy together. Choosing a location that means something to you will help you feel more comfortable during the session, resulting in natural, candid and lovable photos!

Choosing the right location for your session

Location plays a huge part in any session. It sets the tone and even transmits more of your personality. Choosing the right location, one that means something to you, allows for us to capture images of you being your own selves without feeling awkwardly posed. Although we guide and direct you into the interaction that we are looking for, being in a place that you've enjoyed before makes for picture perfect moments with so much more value than if it were at a place chosen for you.

When booking your Engagement Session with me, you receive a Couples Guide with tips and recommendations that'll help you rock your session. Let's talk about planning your Engagement or Couples Session!

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