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I Am Not Adulting, I'm Only Turning 37

One Week Before My Birthday

A week from now I’ll be 37 years old and I don’t feel like adulting any time soon! My inner child is part of who I am and I really don’t know if I’ll ever quit feeling young at heart and free-spirited. This last year has been of a lot of growth for me, both personally and professionally. My body is changing and it keeps reminding me how much I need to get back to my Yoga, my taste in food has evolved because apparently I now like Turkish food, and I suddenly feel that listening to kickass, entrepreneurial podcasts deserve to be one of my top priorities. Like setting the alarm and writing it down on my calendar kind of priority! And I didn’t even listen to podcasts before! I mean, what is going on? But like I said, I don’t feel like adulting, I’m only turning 37.


This Is What Happens When You Turn 30

I remember hitting the big 3…0! I was completely frantic. I cried, I screamed, I thought my 'young’ life was over and that I would no longer be referred to as a ‘young adult’. I used to think that life would go in bits and pieces and that I would have all the time in the world to reach my dreams. That was until I realized that in the blink of an eye, I have a son in college and my youngest in 8th grade. I thought life happened slowly. But it doesn’t. It goes by as fast as lighting and if you make too many pauses, you might miss it. Life happens, but we must learn how to live it. And although I can’t say I have reached all my goals, with all honesty I can say that I am living life in the most amazing way!

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Living Life To The Fullest, I Am Not Adulting!

I am living life with highs and lows, with tears filled with fears, and tears brought by joy. With continuous bucket lists that I’m not able to fully complete, and with dreams yet to be reached. I am living life with the lessons learned from my past mistakes and with the desire of having the power to create a time machine that would actually work so I could go back to my younger self and tell her “Stop procrastinating. Get to it! The clock is ticking!” But with all of this, I am in love! I’m in love with where I am now, how I am evolving, and with all that I have yet to learn and accomplish. I am living life tremendously, with no regrets. And best of all, I am living it to the fullest with only one thought in mind: “I am blessed”.

So, if you ever feel like you’re growing too fast (I don’t like to use the word old), just think that adulting is only a phase and that it can be just as awesome as your teen years!

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