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Palm Coast Beach Portrait Session

Summer Vibes and Beach Sessions

Summer...sandy toes, golden skin, and salty waters. Ahhh! The ocean vibes that make me smile! This year, summer also meant photographing more fabulous people with charisma and picture perfect personalities. I've done plenty of portraits this summer season, and I'm really looking forward to what's in store for the fall/winter πŸ’•

Palm Coast and other Florida Beaches 

I had never been to Palm Coast and the beach is really breathtaking. It's like a huge sea of sand, really soft sand, and beautiful ocean complemented by nice breeze and beautiful lighting. It's like being in the middle of nowhere, although it feels like heaven on Earth. When I moved to Florida I wanted a place near the coast, only to make the Caribbean/Mermaid girl living inside me happy. At first I was disappointed, I guess because I started visiting the less beautiful places, but mostly because I was comparing the Florida beaches to the Caribbean beaches. Of course, and quite honestly, there is no comparison for the beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico! Thus, I moved on, stopped comparing and gave Florida's coast a chance. I've traveled to more beaches and places during my first year in Florida than I ever thought possible. I've seen a lot of beautiful places and a couple of gorgeous beaches. 

I have a list of my favorites, and not so favorites, and Palm Coast Beach is certanly one of the best Florida Beaches. And for all the lovers of salty waters and white sands, check out my list of favorite beaches in Florida by clicking here

Beach Portrait Session

The reality is, this session was a click-click type of thing. Meaning, it lasted just about 10 minutes or less! It's part of a personal project which I like to call 'dream project', and it's meant to be shared! I really enjoyed photographing this sweet and gorgeous model, Delaney. She's really down to earth and so easy to work with! She made this journey even more fun that I thought it would be. Overall, it was a very interesting way of polishing my skills and improving further more on my journey towards Fashion Photography. I have this ongoing fire inside of me of seeing my visions come alive and learning the way in the fashion industry. Making this a part of my business, is one of my biggest dreams! 

So, here's to a great summer! Enjoy, and be inspired 🏝

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