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Sunsets in Melbourne Beach

Sunrise or Sunset...?

To be honest with you, there will be months when sunrises make me feel whole! They make me feel like a ray of sunshine, and I fall in love with them, every day, as they lighten up my face and make me smile. But there are days, when sunsets grab the best of me, and life feels absolutely perfect! Sunsets make me feel like there is a tomorrow filled with joy, and love. Sunsets warm up my evenings and inspire me to reach my goals, and to fall in love with all that I have yet to see. To fill up my bucket list! It feels as an ongoing exploration of life, and I can't deny feeling excited every time I enjoy a sunset. It's a choice I'll never be able to make. I simply love both. What's your favorite? Sunrise, or Sunset?

Sunsets in Melbourne Beach

Out of the couple of times I've been able to visit Melbourne, this was my first time visiting the Pier. An interesting feeling of history, love, and relaxation, all in one place! Can you believe there's actually ruins from the Melbourne & Atlantic Railroad, built in 1889, right in front of the pier and in front of the beach itself? It's quite fascinating! I'd tell you the whole story but I'd take away all the fun of you experiencing it on your own. I even met a couple who just moved from Texas two weeks ago, and they were kind enough to let me snap a picture of them doing some fishing! So, if you're in Florida, or plan to come, please visit Melbourne and fall in love with this little tropical, historic town, down at the East Coast. 

THE Sunset

Yes, THE Sunset! I can't put into words how beautiful this sunset was and how it felt to experience the calmness and warmth of a sunset, at the Melbourne Beach Pier. And although I was not gear ready, or prepared to capture any night shots, I really didn't want to leave without images from this one! And so, as they say, the best camera, or equipment, is the one you carry with you. I captured these with just my 35mm, and since I didn't have a tripod with me, I played it with f/2.5 at a speed of 1/250, and stepped on a bench for some of them. I loved my risky outcome and hope that these images will at least make you fall in love, with life, even more, just as I have! πŸ’›

Sorry for my 'not so perfect' heart shape :)

Sorry for my 'not so perfect' heart shape :)


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