What Makes My Photography Different? | Orlando Photographer

What Makes My Photography Different?

Developing My Style Of Photography

When I was in Photography School, I was taught to practice daily activities to develop my eye. Part of my practices was to analyze one same image taken from different angles and with different types of lighting. I was able to view how small changes gave a new perspective and how this perspective gave a whole new meaning to an image. I now apply this to everything that I do. In my photography, keeping this in mind helps me to create images with uniqueness. I am driven by one’s personality and how this gives us our own essence. You can have five people dressed and styled exactly the same, but the individualism of each person radiates on its own. This is what my style is all about. It’s about capturing your own unique self, and telling your stories through timeless still images.


How Do I Stay Inspired?

I love to stay constantly inspired! Curious enough, I am a Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer who looks for inspiration in architecture magazines and landscape photography books. I get inspired by forms, textures, the flow of colors, and big spaces. Although I also have my collection of fashion books to feed my inspiration, it is primarily the complete opposite that gets me going. My favorite images to see are the ones that feature mountains with different hues of colors or buildings with asymmetrical structures. I think this gets my attention because I’m a very visual person. I look at things around me and I immediately visualize them from different angles. I snap pictures with my phone, of lines, shadows, and colors, only for my own inspiration board. While I can’t quite explain why I look for inspiration in forms and scenery, I know for sure that it definitely feeds my creative side!

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Storytelling vs Taking Pictures

I say that being a photographer is similar to doctors. You study the basics that can be applied to any type of photography, then you pick your niche and study in depth for that industry. Being that I’m a Portrait Photographer, does not necessarily mean that I can do Automotive Photography. I’ll know how to ‘take the pictures’ but I won't know how to document them the right way in order to have visually appealing automotive photos. And that is the key! That is what makes my photography different; documenting, and having my niche. I document personality, capture moments, details, and emotions. Identifying my niche since the start of my career has been crucial to building my brand and style. Thinking like a photojournalist has also helped me to create timeless, candid images that have become part of my signature style and it helps me stay true to what I want to be known for.


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