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Tips For a Successful Boudoir Shoot

What is Boudoir?

boudoir: a woman's bedroom or private room

A boudoir shoot takes places in a bedroom. It could be yours or in a nice hotel room! But the main ingredient for an amazingly successful boudoir shoot is PERSONALITY. The objective of this type of shoot is to enhance your beauty with your personality and charm. We all know there is beauty in all of us. What we don't know is how much more beautiful we are when we enjoy being in our own skin. But, how do you achieve this?


Tips for Boudoir Photos

  1. Be confident. Let's face it...confidence is sexy! When you feel confident about yourself it definitely shows and it's like a magnet!

  2. Trust your photographer. You just have to trust me! I'm here to capture your essence, personality and beauty in a way in which you will feel totally comfortable.

  3. Laugh. Yes! Laugh all the way! Laughing is a way of releasing any nervousness you might be feeling and it is totally worth it to let go of your nerves and have an amazing experience celebrating your beauty.

  4. Communicate. Let's go over all the details, colors for your wardrobe, accessories, makeup, everything! All of this is a huge part of a successful boudoir shoot and I can't do this part without you telling me your preferences and wishes for the shoot.

  5. Have fun! Absolutely! Boudoir shoots are about celebrating your beauty. And hey, we can definitely have fun while doing so!


What does a boudoir session include?

Boudoir shoots include a makeup/hairstyling artist and could last up to 2 hours. These sessions are done in a hotel room within the Central Florida area or a location of your choice. Some accessories are included for the session to complement the photographs. Pricing for the session starts at $450 and it includes The Little Black Book with images chosen by you!

If you would like to inquire about the Boudoir Sessions, let's chat!


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