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Top 3 Films Featuring Amazing Cinematography

Photography and Cinematography

I like to think that I have all the skills needed to be a movie critic (ja!). I love leaving my reviews of the places I go, the food I love, and even about some of the items that I buy. But nothing compares to watching a great film and giving it a 5-star review on Flixster along with some words of excitement because the cinematography and photography of the film gave you all kinds of emotions! I rather not talk about the ones that I only give a half star and don’t even know where to begin to express my disappointment. As an art lover I have found great passion in film, and of course, cinematography. Films with an astounding cinematography have the power to make us fall in love with everything that we have not yet seen. And to me, this is magical!

What is Cinematography?

The Cinematographer is also called the Director of Photography of a film. Summed up, cinematography is the art of both shooting and processing the film. It involves decisions on lighting, what cameras to use, camera filters, lenses, and all the creative aspects of the look and feel of the film. The Cinematographer has the power to evoke emotions through the decisions he makes for the creation of the film, and works hand in hand with the director of the film. This is basically the work of a photographer blended into motion images. I personally think that the photography and cinematography of a film are the essences of the story and it can either make you love the film or hate it. There’s a long list of films that I’ve fallen in love with that feature a cinematography to die for! From this list, I’m sharing three of them.

Just to be clear. I am not at all a movie critic! I just enjoy talking about films 😄

Best Cinematography Films (in my opinion)

The Revenant (2015)

This one is my favorite! I know you usually leave the best for last, but I can’t leave it for last. It was filmed in Canada and Argentina and for this film, the cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki shot almost entirely in natural light, using just the light from the sun, the moon, and fires that they made for the film. The simple fact that Lubezki achieved such astounding work with natural light, makes me think that I too can learn to achieve greater things as a natural light photographer. And this my friends, is art in full swing!

Life of Pi (2012)

When I saw this film for the first time I felt like crying of joy at so much perfection. The way every little detail was put into account for the cinematography and photography of this film, simply left me in complete awe. I think that cinematographer Claudio Miranda did an excellent work at bringing together the photography and special effects of this film.

Hugo (2011)

An impressive 3d film combining the magic of color, black and white, and special effects, to finish with remarkable cinematography and photography. In this film, cinematographer Robert Richardson brought back to life the work of genius Georges Méliès, who was an illusionist and film director. I loved the way this story was told by primarily focusing on the beauty of art. The cinematography in this film is truly magical and I’m never tired of re-watching!

Do you have any favorite films that feature amazing and breathtaking cinematography and photography? I would love to know about them! Comment your favorites below ☺️

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