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5 Things I Learned After Blogging For One Month

Taking Part in Blogtober

I first heard about the blogtober challenge precisely on September 30th and immediately began my hunt for more information on what it was about. Basically, it’s just when bloggers challenge themselves creatively to create new content on their blogs every day during the month of October. I also read that most bloggers prepare for this in advance and already have their content scheduled throughout the month, which is super awesome! Unfortunately for me, I didn’t have anything prepared because I had no idea this even existed! I accepted blogtober as my own personal challenge to begin writing on my blog every day, or most of the days, and create my content on the day of. Prior to this month, I was only publishing maybe 3-4 new posts per month and all I mainly did was showcase most of my photography work. So this was truly a challenge for me!

Thoughts about Blogging

Blogging is the perfect outlet to personalize your brand, educate on the things you are most knowledgeable about and the greatest way to deliver a message to your audience. I first started a blog in 2013 and I had launched it through Blogspot (because, why not?!). Back then I didn’t have any clear idea on how blogs worked but later on, I learned a lot about how to use it for my business, although I never really did anything with it until just two years ago. I guess I didn’t have quite the motivation back then, and I since I was just starting in my photography business, I thought I had to have certain content on my portfolio in order for my blog to succeed.

Fast forward to 2018, I’ve now realized you don’t need certain content under your belt in order to blog and to excel at it! All you really need is to be clear on why you’re blogging, who are you blogging to (your target audience), and what it is that you want to achieve from your blog. Therefore, taking your blog seriously, and creating a schedule to set time apart to write on your blog, is super important!

Blogging Constantly for One Month

My experience with my blog this past month has exceeded my expectations. I didn’t think I would be able to achieve so much in so little time. For starters, this challenge taught me how to prioritize my daily tasks and the importance of categorizing my ideas. I reorganized my schedule so I could have time available for writing on my blog. The first week was stressful! It took me around 3 hours, each day, for just one post! I guess this is mostly because I wasn’t used to writing so often, and also because I didn’t have any content or ideas planned out for my posts.

From the second week on, I wrote my ideas and organized them by topics for the whole week. This way, when I sat at night to write on my blog, I already had the title for the post and it became much easier to write the article for it. I also learned that blogging more often created a new world of ideas on things that I wanted to elaborate more on. So, in effect, blogging has boosted my overall creativity and it’s something I definitely will continue doing.

Things that blogging taught me

  1. bring focus into creating evergreen content

  2. prioritize my daily tasks

  3. categorize my ideas

  4. expand my creativity

  5. define my target audience

These are my results from October 1 - October 30 for the blogtober challenge, for which I created 24 new posts (not including this one).

  • Unique Visitors to my page increased by 43.5%

  • Visits to my page increased by 47.4%

  • Pageviews increased by 46.4%

  • Pinterest monthly views increased by 23k

  • 3 new clients generated from the blog posts

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