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Pushing Your Creativity Behind the Camera

Behind the Scenes Photos

There’s plenty I could talk about when it comes to behind the scenes but I’ll keep it short on this post because it’s a Saturday night and I'm still trying to manage my arm and shoulder pain (worse pain ever by the way!) and keep it under control. I’m writing this with an ice pad on my shoulder and sipping on my cup of coffee. Literally! But back to this post…I love when I have a couple of behind the scenes images to share, and although I would really love to have this type of photos from each shoot, the reality is that I don’t have as much as I would want.

Location, location, location!

I think that sharing images of my shoots showing how some of it took place, is really fun and gives my viewers a little bit of insight on what it’s really like behind the camera. Most of the times, you might think that the pictures come out great because the location was great. And this it not at all true. Personally, I choose the weirdest spots for my pictures only to push myself into creating rather than just shooting. And by following my tips, you too can create better images and expand your creativity!

  1. Scout the location. This is the first thing you must do upon arrival to your shooting location. It’s the main reason why I always tend to arrive at least an hour, or 30 minutes, prior to shoot time. I walk around and choose the best spots where the photos will be taking place at.

  2. Analyze and Visualize. After choosing the best spots, analyze the area and start a mental drawing of your outcome. Visualize what you want to achieve, the type of dynamic you will be creating in order to get the shots that you want, how are you going to pose your models, and do a chronological order in your head of the workflow of your shoot.

  3. Choose your lenses. As a prime lens shooter, I’m often switching my lenses depending of what I want to achieve. After scouting the location, and visualizing my shoot, I’ll know ahead of time which lenses I will be using on each selected spot, or it might be the case that I’ll decide on shooting with just one lens. Whichever the case may be, choosing my lenses beforehand helps me stay on top of my workflow and to better manage my time.

Pushing Your Creativity While Shooting

When applying these simple tips, you will surely have a successful end result! Creativity is a huge deal. It’s something you must train, feed, and handle with care. Your creativity is only yours, and no one can be creative for you. For this reason, I invite you to think outside the box. More times than you might think, the creative side of a photoshoot begins ‘behind the camera’. It begins in your selection of the location, and everything that it implies. Because of this, these tips are also a great way of assuring that your images will have all the elements that you wanted or what your clients asked for. It also helps to bring your inspiration to reality! On your next travels, try these on your own images and enjoy the amazing results of having maximum control of what you’re shooting!

p.s. I’m currently working on getting a really nice behind the scenes video, and photos with high quality for all of you to enjoy! Meanwhile, I have these images that my kids, or my husband, take of me while I’m shooting 😉

behind the scenes Yanitza Ninett Photography
behind the scenes Yanitza Ninett Photography
behind the scenes Yanitza Ninett Photography
palm coast beach photos Yanitza Ninett Photography
behind the scenes Yanitza Ninett Photography
geneva fields men photoshoot Yanitza Ninett Photography
winter park high school senior photos Yanitza Ninett Photography

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