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The Importance of Branding Your Business

Before Photography School

Before starting Photography School, I had already graduated as an Esthetician. I was working as a Lead Esthetician and Spa Manager before actually forming my own business as a Skincare Products Distributor for Professionals. As a manager, I learned a lot about the back end of things, as a Lead Esthetician I was compensated with many beautiful stories of clients who felt better about themselves after treatments, and as a small business owner/distributor I learned more about sales ethics. Most of my jobs were related to sales, but selling is nothing compared to the art of selling. I learned a lot about the art of selling while working as a Cosmetics Associate for a high-end department store. Through the years, I’ve gathered many experiences that I have applied to my photography business and that I like to call the ‘core’ of my brand.


Why is branding important?

The art of Branding is powerful, evolving, and influential. Knowing the importance of branding will make wonders in your business and it’s something that should be your top priority. Rather than concentrating on likes, follows, and retweets, center all of your energy towards your brand! There is plenty of people in the world that do exactly what you do for a living, but there is no one exactly like you. All of us have something unique and different to bring to the table. The question is, are you paying attention to what you’re bringing in? Are you putting all your efforts into creating a successful brand that will differentiate you and that will influence others?

Let’s take soda as an example. You have two major soda brands and they both offer cola, which means is basically the same thing. But, you have already established a preference for one over the other. You trust your preferred brand, you love the crisp taste, and you even compelled your taste buds to agree! So, no matter if both brands offer cola, you will ALWAYS choose ‘the one’. Your preferred one. Same goes for businesses. There are a million choices for everything! Even for hairstylists, doctors, bakers, etc. What makes us choose one over the other and stick with them? The way they make us feel! It’s their brand! A brand is more than a business card with coordinating stationery. Branding is communication, trust, personality, a feeling. YOU are your brand. You must invest your time into branding your business to differentiate from others. It’s your winning ticket!


3 Tips from a Former Sales Associate

I’ve only worked for one store in my whole life and it was at an amazing, high-end department store. The rest of my selling experience? I did sales over the phone, corporate sales, and distribution sales. The hardest thing ever! But somehow I managed to like it and learn something new every day. Some of the things I’ve learned are now the core of my photography business. Here are my top 3 tips I learned when working as a Sales Associate, and that you can apply to your business; any kind of business.

  1. Be genuine. Show interest in your prospects and clients. Listen carefully to what they’re looking for, build rapport, and always be friendly and courteous.

  2. Be positive and optimistic. First impressions are a once in a lifetime thing. There’s no second chance for this one. The way you greet and treat your customers in this first meeting, call, or message, will be of major impact on your business. Your tone of voice, even in writing, says a lot about you. Having a positive attitude and smiling, will already set you apart.

  3. Be passionate about what you offer. You have to love what you do. There’s no other way around this. You cannot have someone fall in love with your products or services if you’re not passionate about them in the first place. Be passionate, know your products, and be enthusiastic when offering your services. More often than not, we shop at one place over others mostly because we love their brand, their sales associates are kind and patient with us, and we feel great. Think about this for your own business!

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