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Location vs The Final Photo

Most of the times, I am able to know a bit about the location where I will be shooting at but sometimes, I won’t even have an idea! Even more so if it’s a place where I’ve never shot at before. There is a rule of thumb that always helps me with all my shoots…make the most with what you have!

It would be a dream to always be able to shoot at the most amazing and picturesque locations, with the perfect lighting and nice crisp air. But in reality, it’s not always like this. Choosing the location for your photos is very important!

The location takes a big role in your images but it’s NOT what makes the image. Knowing how to use the location is key to making the photos look different and visually appealing. Selection of lenses and directing your subject is really what makes all the magic happen.

Behind the Scenes

I love sharing behind the scene images! I wish I really had more than what I have but I guess I’ll have better ones with time. Last month I talked about Pushing Your Creativity Behind the Camera in which I also shared some behind the scene photos.

Well, similar to those images of when I’m in action during my shoots, I also have images of the locations before the photos were actually taken. These location photos were taken on the same day as the finalized photo and it gives an idea of how the actual location really looks like. I love these kinds of photos!

These location photos are actually the test shots I take when I’m measuring light.

Ideally, I would be able to include in this post tons of these photos! Unfortunately, one of my hard drives crashed a few weeks ago and I was able to recover all my work. I’m still trying to locate all of the images.


Location: Mead Botanical Garden

Just a few months after Hurricane Irma hit Florida, I had this photoshoot in Mead Botanical Garden. The devastation from the hurricane was still very visible and there were some areas that looked worse than others. However, there is always beauty in nature!

The image below was shot at this very same spot, on the same day and time.


Finalized Image

I shot this image using natural light and a reflector. The catch lights in her eyes are completely natural thanks to the light that was bouncing off the reflector. Shot with a 50mm lens. This session was featured on a Premier Wedding Blog from Sweden! Find the link to the feature in this post.


Location: Downtown Orlando

Although this is a picture perfect spot, and the architecture is beautiful, I really wanted to minimize distracting elements to make the model ‘pop’. This was essentially my favorite angle to shoot from but I had to change my position in order to eliminate the shadows from the face of my model.


Finalized Image

This image was shot in natural light with an 85mm lens.


Location: Geneva

This location is simply breathtaking! It’s a beautiful open field with nothing but light coming in from different directions. I took this test shot at 6am while my model was getting her makeup done on-site. By the time she was done, the fog was already gone but I didn’t have to do any major changes on my settings. I’m including two images from this location to show you how much you can do in just one spot and different angles.


Finalized Image 1

Shot in natural light with an 85mm lens. This session was featured in Magazines and Premier Wedding Blogs! Find the links to the features in this post.


Finalized Image 2

Shot in natural light with an 85mm lens.

What thoughts come to your mind when you see these images? Would you choose these locations? Comment below and tell me what you think!


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