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Capturing Life with Film Photography

About My Film Camera

Since childhood, I’ve always been the one to take pictures of everything. I loved the little basic film cameras I had back then and thanks to them, I have tons of family memories! Of course, I didn’t know anything about special techniques on photography let alone how to shoot in manual mode. But it wasn’t until 2013, while still in photography school, when I bought a film camera to begin my learning process of shooting manual in film. The reality? I NEVER used my film camera! Like never! As weird as It may sound, the years flew by and my Nikon FG-20 was nothing but a gorgeous camera on a shelf. I can’t come up with the why, but I do know that maybe I just wasn’t ready to learn film back then. I don’t know!

But right now, in this moment, it’s been a year since my film camera has gone to places with me. It’s seen beauty and it has captured life. I am re-learning everything there is to film and I am falling in love with my learning process.


Learning Film Photography

While I’m not at all an expert in film photography, I’m sharing my thoughts on what I’ve learned so far. I think that shooting film is exclusive, challenging, and sometimes easier than shooting digital. I consider it exclusive because I don’t take more than 1 photo of the same subject/scenario. In order to extend the life of my 36 exposures per roll of film, I have to work intelligently and try to be precise. Using digital cameras we usually do 2-3 same shots but with film, this is really just a fast way of wasting your exposures. It’s challenging because if you don't test your light, or if you probably make a mistake and just realize it after pressing your shutter button, you don't have a way of reviewing your work.

Melbourne Beach Yanitza Ninett photography Orlando Photographer

So it’s a matter of trying to be sure you have all your settings right before clicking and sometimes, even praying for the best! So how can all this be easier than shooting with a digital camera? Because you force yourself to learn more and you will be able to trust your knowledge and to know what you’re doing. With digital, you might become lazy and just think that you can make everything right using editing programs.

tree branches with film photography Yanitza Ninett photography Orlando Photographer

I’m using film much more these days but mainly for my personal adventures. I’m writing to Santa and asking him for a Minolta or Pentax camera☺️In the meantime, I’m taking my Nikon everywhere! I’ve gathered some scans that I just received one week ago and the one thing I learned is not to develop my films locally ever again. I waited two months for these! I even thought my rolls of film had been lost. So now I’m pretty excited and I can’t wait to hang them on my office wall!

I hope you find inspiration in these little details of film. Find as much inspiration as they gave me when I was photographing each one of these images!

I use Fujifilm Pro 400H for all my film photos. These images were shot at Split Oak Forest and Melbourne Beach.

Enjoy, and as always, be inspired ♥️

My 12 yr old took this picture and It’s special ⭐️

My 12 yr old took this picture and It’s special ⭐️

fall leaves in autumn Yanitza Ninett photography Orlando Photographer
split oak forest in Orlando Florida shot in film Yanitza Ninett photography
Melbourne Beach film photos Yanitza Ninett photography Orlando Photographer
Melbourne Beach film photos Yanitza Ninett photography Orlando Photographer
Melbourne Beach Yanitza Ninett photography Orlando Photographer

Find inspiration in the little things.😉


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