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A New Approach on Travel Photography

Social Media and Traveling

Taking photos from your phone has quickly become the new norm for travel and personal vacation photography. Most people agree that it is convenient, hassle-free, and the fact that images are instantly ready to share on your social media channels is a plus!

I personally think that nowadays, travel photography has transformed in the way it’s being captured. The equipment used, including the mobile photography apps for editing, and most of all, I believe social media has influenced the way the stories are being told through travel images.

With the existence of the ‘influencer status’ came a whole different way of capturing your travel photos. It’s also probably the main reason why the true essence of travel photos has suffered a little bit of disappearance.


I can totally relate, and agree, with the fact that taking photos from your phone is convenient. In fact, a couple of the photos in this article were taken with my phone!

With your phone you just snap, upload to your cloud for backup, delete camera roll to save storage space, and repeat! Share instantly to social media and that’s it!

Unless you’re mostly like me, which means you’ll end up with tons of photos to send for printing and then end up trying to limit your purchase for frames…ha! Welcome to my life!

But in all seriousness, taking photos with a phone or no phone, is really not the issue. Because to be honest with you, when traveling, the best camera is and always will be the one that you have with you.

So, let’s leave all the equipment aside, take out a cozy blanket, a cup of coffee (or wine, if you prefer) and let’s talk about travel photography, shall we?

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What is Travel Photography?

First of all, what is it really? What is travel photography? I describe travel photography as a form or genre of photography through which you document the people, culture, landscapes, history, and character of a specific place or no place at all. And yes, I just said or no place at all!

The geographic qualities of travel photography are endless! This means that documenting your travel photos will be more of documenting a location, rather than a specific place, which might sound the same but in reality, it really isn’t. The essence of travel photography is to document all the elements that tell the story of the location.

This means that even in the images where you are not including people as your main subjects, you are able to tell a story, a truly meaningful story told through a vision of time and place.

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Taking the famous influencer status as an example, many of us have turned to influencers as inspiration for our travel photos. Many of these Instagram worthy photos are taken at some of the world’s most beautiful places.

But more than beautiful places, the question we must ask ourselves is, what is the story being told behind them? Is the reality and meaning of travel really being the main subject of these photos?

Travel photography is one of the most beautiful forms of photography. It allows us to expand our imagination, to fall in love with the unseen, to identify other cultures, and to visually connect the historical facts we have learned through the years. Most of all, we rely on travel photography to make our own decisions when planning to travel.

If you ask me, my two cents on this is that we are definitely in for a thrilling ride!

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Favorite DSLR for Travel Photography

If you were to document your next vacation in Africa, what will your images be composed of? Will you focus on just what you see at first sight, or will you be able to relive your experiences each time you see your photos?

The similarities are quite close to being the same. Finding out why it’s not the same, is truly the magic of capturing appealing and inspiring travel stories. (a post on how to achieve this is coming soon!). For this reason, I encourage you to shift your focus towards telling the story of a location instead of thinking about which camera to use.

However, having at least a DSLR will really make your photos 24x36 wall print worthy! I travel light on all my travels and I don’t carry all of my cameras with me. I usually just take my Nikon FG-20 Film Camera, my Nikon D7500, and my iPhone XS MAX.

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In my personal opinion, the Nikon D7500 is my favorite DSLR for travel photography because it’s lightweight, it has a really comfortable grip, battery life can easily last 9 hours (if not shooting video), and at 20.9 MP using the same 5 image processing engine as the Nikon D500, it’s really capable of capturing phenomenal photos!

I also love the fact that I can instantly share my images to all my platforms since it has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. When ever I want to do this, I shoot RAW + JPG with the Bluetooth enabled, and the images get instantly transferred to my iPhone’s camera roll.

For this option, you will need to have the Nikon SnapBridge app installed on your phone and have it successfully configured with your camera. The Nikon D7500 is also my main camera for all my photography and although I’m not as deeply in love with it as I was with my D90, I really love all the options and accessibility I have with this camera. What’s your favorite travel camera?

On your next travels, what will you be focusing on to capture some amazing travel photos?

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