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8 Steps to Declutter Your Mind and Feel Stress-Free

The Importance of Decluttering Your Mind

Decluttering our minds to feel stress-free and worry less is crucial for our health. Our daily routines are pretty much the main reason why we sometimes stress and we can even begin to feel that the hours of the day are not enough for us to do all of our errands. Winter season doubles the anxiety and stress and it’s even more noticeable when we are out driving trying to get everything ready before the Holidays. We notice how everyone is in a hurry, traffic seems endless and before we know it the daylight is gone and we are immediately stressed out because the day went by and we didn’t even do half the things we were planning to do. When this happens, one of the main things to keep in mind is that our mind controls our body and not the other way around.

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This being said, the key to being stress-free is to teach our minds to declutter. Take a workspace as an example. You’re in your desk juggling more than 20 things at once, you have sticky notes everywhere, pens all over the place, and a stack of papers that seem to be completely disorganized but only you know that they are in an exact order which only you can understand. After a whole week working like this, you realize that your mess is bigger than life itself! You start decluttering, you tidy up your space, and once you’re done you immediately feel that you can breathe better. You feel accomplished! This is the exact way you will feel when you declutter your mind from ‘stuff’ that you don’t even have the need to be thinking about or that it’s stuck in your head without an expiration date.

Finding ways that can help you feel less stressed is crucial for maintaining a healthy mindset. Our minds are filled with thoughts and never-ending to-do lists. These thoughts can become harmful clutter and they can slow us down, give us headaches, and we’ll even end up with countless sleepless nights. For this reason, we have to take our minds seriously. Just like any other organ in our bodies that need a detox, our minds need one too! We have to declutter our minds for a healthy, mindful living. This will help us stay on top of things in a stress-free way. There are simple steps you can follow to feel stress-free when you feel a need to breathe and take it slow. This is the time to declutter! These are some of the practices that have worked for me and that I continuously work on when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

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8 Simple Steps for Decluttering Your Mind

  1. Don’t complain. Just don’t! Take a deep breath and say ‘Thank You!’ You can also try these 7 Ways To Practice Gratitude Every Day.

  2. Leave a whole day unplanned. This one is so hard for me to do but every time I do this my days run smoothly and I am more productive.

  3. Clean out your handbag. You have no idea how much this works! It clears your mind without you even noticing it.

  4. No TV today, read instead. Read a book, feed your thoughts and your imagination.

  5. Make a list of 10 things that you are grateful for. Even if one of them is the delicious Latte you had from your local Coffee Shop.

  6. Stay offline from all your social media channels. I did this for a whole week. I feel like superwoman now!

  7. Meditate at least 5 minutes a day. Meditation will change your life. Even if it’s in your bathroom, just start doing it and thank me later!

  8. No grocery shopping day. You have no idea how much I hate grocery shopping! I’ve come to realize that although it’s part of our daily life, when I have a busy day and I have to stop for some groceries, the day instantly becomes my worse day ever. Skipping grocery shopping day makes me smile and I feel relaxed when I get home.

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