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What it means to be a Photographer

Even behind the camera, while taking photos, there's so much going on. Mentally, it's about your metering, exposure compensation, ISO, f-stops, shutter speed, composition, layering your subject, white balances, and the list goes on! So if you think that being a photographer is only about pressing a button to take a photograph, let me tell you that you got it all wrong. It's not about taking a photograph, it's about creating a photograph; which is both a mental and physical task. But creating and taking photos is only nearly 15% of a photographer's work. Then comes the culling, editing, and post-processing. Along with the lab work, design and production. Less affordable things like advertising & marketing. Super fun meetings with clients and vendors. Social media, blogging, website updates & SEO.  The obvious equipment and software upkeep and the usual computer tasks. And of course, the less fun bookkeeping, taxes, insurance & banking. Plus, networking!

Whew! I'm already exhausted! Being a Photographer is a really extensive profession and to excel in what we do, we must have a workspace that suits our needs and that fills our space with inspiration. 

A Photographer’s Workspace 

In my home, there's a little corner that speaks light, inspiration, and relaxation. This little corner is my workspace, my office, and where I make all my magic happen. I'm very organized and must admit I am a bit of over protective with my space. I like everything in a certain place, a certain order. Although I have a separate bookshelf for all my books, I filled my space with some of my favorite books on photography and creativity because, well, why not?! A very simple decor, yet perfect for me. If you've followed me for quite some time, you should already know what my favorite colors are. But if not, you will now! In this little 'tour' of my workspace, you'll be able to see me...my personality! You'll some of the things I love, and things that inspire me. I hope you enjoy my little magic corner. 

As always...be inspired 💛


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