The Charm of Small Towns in Florida

It’s no surprise how much I love traveling and adventuring - whether locally, or out of state. Living in Puerto Rico I always used to do my exploring around the island and was on a constant hunt for adventures. Well, moving to Florida has made it all better!

Apart from having some super charming small towns in Florida, there’s just so much to do and explore! I guess I might find adventuring amusing because I’m a re-invented Dora the Explorer, like my family calls me. Or maybe I’m just on a constant hunt to see the world, and to fall in love with life through my travels.

For all I know, it could be all of the above. Who knows! All I truly know is that traveling fuels my mind, soul, and creativity.


The Charm of Small Towns in Florida

Going to Savannah, Georgia had me falling in love with charm and details. Although nothing compares to the ever lovely Historic Savannah, there’s always some quaint town that catches my eye.

Far more than saving up huge dollars to just go out and visit world-known landmarks, there’s something about small towns that always seems to feed my soul. It’s like feeling ecstatic when landing on top of the highest building. An overflow of joy met by curiosity. Small towns in Florida are no exception! These are my exact feelings when I visit a quaint town in the Sunshine State - which I feel so lucky to call home!

One of the most charming downtowns in Florida is just like a 30-minute drive from where I live. Which makes it super easy to actually venture out into some very nice and pretty places. But this one in particular, further down like towards Lakeland, is also worth at least a one time visit.

The city’s walking tour can be accessed by scanning the QR-code in the City Hall History Marker.

The city’s walking tour can be accessed by scanning the QR-code in the City Hall History Marker.

The Wonderful Town of Auburndale

It’s super small, not at all glamorous, but it’s pretty charming! Apart from being in complete awe with the City Hall that features beautiful architecture, just walking around seeing the old buildings was super nice.

Scan the QR-code in the City Hall history marker and it gives you an interpretive walking tour. It was super fun and easy to follow. There’s also a time capsule in the City Halls grounds!


While taking the tour, one of my favorite historic buildings to see was the Flat Iron Building. If you look at it from a distance, it looks just like a flat iron. And, then of course, the beautiful Baynard House - Circa 1894. It’s beautiful in every way! Am I the only one who falls in love with old, historic homes? Pretty sure I’m not!


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The Flat Iron Building

The Flat Iron Building


All in all, it really can’t be one to miss. Would you visit Auburndale? What’s your favorite thing about traveling to small towns? Share in the comments!

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