Disney's Boardwalk Engagement Session

Disney's Boardwalk and Mickey's Ears

Disney's Boardwalk is quite picture perfect. With its picturesque buildings and beautiful scenery, it has all the charm you need for the most gorgeous photos! You can even get that ‘vintage-era’ feel that has me daydreaming each and every time I go!

Although I've had the opportunity to shoot here during the holidays, this was my first session during the spring season. And to tell you the truth, I would've never thought falling in love with Mickey's ears would be an actual thing for me. But, Ashley and James make it look so darn cute that makes it inevitable not to love it. 


A Disney Engagement Session

Can we just take a minute to talk about Ashley's outfit?! OMG! What a stunning way to slay in a black skirt! I love when couples get creative and impress with something completely different. Complimenting your outfits and coordinating the colors and styles, can really bump the photos up a notch. 


We began shooting at around 9:00 am and the sun was really killing it! In other words, it was a really, really hot day! Regardless, we managed to make very good use of it and took it slow.

For the most part, the heat wasn't an issue and we had so much fun! The end results go beyond what I had imagined for this shoot and that makes it all worth it. 


Tips for your Engagement Session in Orlando 

It's the Sunshine State and the heat can get brutal, without a doubt. Although I have a photography studio in Kissimmee, most of my work is done outdoors. This means that the sun is my BFF and I have no other choice than to deal with the heat.


However, I have a list of things that definitely help when shooting outdoors - especially during the summer. For your engagement session, don't forget this handy list and checkout the FAQ: Preparing for Engagement Sessions.

  1. Bring water. Staying hydrated is a must! Although I now carry bottled water for my clients during all my shoots, feel free to bring your favorite water.

  2. Carry hand towels. These come very handy to freshen up and stay dry during the shoot.

  3. Bring your makeup. Touch-ups in between shots help you look amazing from start to finish.

  4. Eat at least an hour before your session. Along with keeping hydrated, eating prior to your shoot is recommended.

Let’s get inspired and daydream on your photo session at Disney’s Boardwalk! Contact me for info.


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