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30 Things That Make Me Smile

Things that I Love

If you’ve known me for quite some time, you already know that this post is totally me! I’m just a simple girl who loves to talk about anything, loves everything about life, and only dislikes one thing in the whole wide world. I’ve always been a lover of smiles and life itself brings me joy. When I was 13 years old a friend introduced me to the music of Bob Marley and the first song I ever heard from Bob Marley was ‘Three Little Birds’. I remember thinking to myself “What a wonderful feeling it must be to wake up smiling at the rising sun everyday!”. From that moment on, it’s the little things in life that always make me smile and that soothe my soul. I believe the love of Jesus can wash everything away, and I also believe that how we choose to think, can make us or break us.

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What makes you smile?

Here’s the 30 things that me smile. Things that I love! These are in no particular order and I enjoy all of them! Can you name the things that make you smile?

  1. the word of GOD

  2. the sound of my kids’ laughter

  3. talks about life with my mom

  4. seeing my husband smile

  5. a bright sunrise

  6. a creamy sunset

  7. bird sounds

  8. old family pictures

  9. my reflection in a mirror

  10. sand in my toes

  11. The Best of Me - movie

  12. Thank You notes

  13. buying succulents

  14. working in my PJ’s

  15. listening to my favorite podcasts

  16. family nights

  17. the smell of movie theather popcorn

  18. reading my old bucket lists

  19. coffeehouse music

  20. taco nights

  21. success stories

  22. memories

  23. the sound of the waves crashing

  24. watching Pretty Woman on replay for 24 hours

  25. Autumn’s colors

  26. crisp air

  27. my work

  28. blue skies

  29. hiking

  30. re-runs of Saved By the Bell

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The One Thing I Dislike the Most

There’s only 1 thing I dislike (hate) the most in this world and there’s nothing that could compare to it. Misconception. I hate misconception. Unfortunately, It’s everywhere. It’s like an infectious disease with no cure, that only gets worse by the minute. It’s gotten so bad that even young kids are falling under this idea of thinking. Using misconception to judge others, and to make assumptions about others, is simply intolerable and shouldn’t be accepted. So, out of everything that I could hate about the society we live in, this is the one thing that I dislike the most.

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