What I learned About Challenging Myself

What I learned About Challenging Myself

The Fall Outfit Photoshoot Experiment

Our Fall in Florida is quite different from other states. We still indulge in pumpkin spice lattes and enjoy the sweater weather, but it’s not really all the same when it comes to our Fall and Winter clothing. You already know how much I hate the cold temperatures but I do enjoy the sweater weather! And oh, that crisp air! With this in mind, fashion blogger from Treasures and Trails, called me up to shoot some fall outfit ideas and in all excitement, of course I was up to the task! Although we had planned the shoot with plenty of weeks ahead of time, I didn’t ask Tiffany any details about her outfits and accessories. Once my shoots are booked I usually go into detail about this in order to plan the session and select the location. But for this shoot, everything changed. All I knew was that we would be shooting Fall outfit ideas!

Dellagio Portrait Session

Since I had worked with Tiffany before, I already know her style and decided to jump in for this experiment of not knowing anything ahead of time, except for the location. I didn’t have any idea of what she was wearing until the day of the shoot. I arrived at Dellagio Town Center 30 minutes early. It was my first time there so I wanted to scout the location and have a good look around. Once Tiffany arrived, the experiment began. To my surprise, she came in with Yoga fitness wear (which I love!). I immediately began working ideas in my head. She usually wants 3-4 images per outfit, so I already had this set in my mind. But the hard part? As I was shooting, I thought to myself: “What will she be wearing next? Should I do these shots here, or there?”.

Before she headed out to change on to the next outfit, I would then ask her the colors and style of what she would be wearing. In the meantime, I would take a look around and choose a spot that would probably be suitable with what she had said. The excitement was huge! Not knowing ahead of time any of these details helped pushed my creativity and it also allowed me to be more proactive. It’s good to challenge ourselves from time to time even with the little things. Challenges are good for one’s growth and we must continue to be learners in everything that we do. Only then will we achieve greater knowledge of that which we think we already know. Challenging myself definitely gave me a new perspective on what I can achieve and the different ways I can continue to learn to maximize my potential.

I feel truly blessed with the opportunity of learning and accepting new challenges! I hope you find inspiration in all the beautiful colors of these images from this photoshoot in Dellagio.

Enjoy, and as always, be inspired 💛

yoga photography orlando photographer Yanitza Ninett
yoga photography Orlando photographer Yanitza Ninett
yoga photography Orlando photographer Yanitza Ninett

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