10 Simple Ways To Find Inspiration

10 Simple Ways To Find Inspiration

Women Entrepreneurship

I first began in the entrepreneurial world when I was still in the Aesthetics industry. I had left my job as a Spa Manager to pursue my own business as an Esthetician and Exclusive Distributor for Professional Grade skincare products while studying photography on the side, and later on, also getting my certification as a Wedding and Event Planner (which I’ll get more into later on!). I had launched my business called Bodyluxe Skincare Distributors and hustled my way through entrepreneurship. In the process of launching my business, I took every workshop that I knew of, but none of it compared to finding a network dedicated exclusively to women entrepreneurs. This network was called Mujer Empresaria de Hoy (Women Entrepreneur of Today). Meeting and connecting with other women who were being rockstars at their own businesses or projects, motivated me to pursue what I loved.

Inspiration For Creative Business Owners

What is it like being a creative business owner? Well, it’s challenging, mentally exhausting, really hard, and very rewarding. You work in complete solitude, hardly eat, and juggle between tasks while getting easily distracted. And sometimes, this can kill your inspiration. This past week, it happened to me. I got sick, celebrated my birthday feeling unwell, and my creativity felt stuck. I decluttered and cleaned during my work hours, I took naps only to wake up worse, and I prayed to feel better and for my motivation to come back to life. But then I had a photo shoot with two professional dancers who sparked my creative side and gave me the inspiration I somehow needed after a week of sickness and feeling stuck. Inspiration is many times the key that we need to open up the doors of profitability and opportunities that will make our business shine brighter.

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10 Simple Ways To Staying Inspired

Feeling stuck creatively, and on the hunt for inspiration, can be more common than you might think. It happens to me more than I would want it to but doing something about it is also part of the plan. These are some of the ways that work for me when I feel stuck and uninspired. Here are my 10 simple ways that will help you to find inspiration.

  1. Read a book. As entrepreneurs, we read when we have free time, but also when we need to feel inspired by something not related to our work.

  2. Turn the music up. Listening to my music a bit louder than usual works for me. Especially if it’s something from my Indie music playlist!

  3. Get some fresh air. Working from home can feel like a burden at times. Taking my work outside, changing the scenery, and getting some fresh air, really makes a difference in my mood and concentration levels.

  4. Write on your notebook or journal. Writing down my goals, ideas, and things I would like to do on my free time, helps me stay on track and on a constant goal seeker attitude.

  5. Color or paint. I actually did this today as part of my inspiration ritual. I took out my Mandalas coloring book, pushed play on Jenna’s podcast, and just colored for like an hour or so. It worked so well that it motivated me to write this post!

  6. Declutter. Yes, I know. Why is this even a thing, right? Well, believe it or not, decluttering your workspace or any other space or room in your house, gives you a sense of freedom and helps you feel more energized and with a refreshed mind.

  7. Do something you love, like a hobby. For me, I love taking pictures of my succulents! Going outside and just sitting there surrounded by these beautiful plants, makes me feel inspired and takes all my stress away.

  8. Listen to podcasts. I know I’ve mentioned this before but I can’t leave it out from this list. It’s one of my favorite ways to nurture my creativity and find inspiration when I’m feeling stuck. I particularly love Jenna’s, of course, which is The Goaldigger Podcast, and I also love The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes.

  9. Visit a bookstore. Feeling inspired or not, this is something I do on the regular. But specifically when I’m on the hunt for inspiration, going to the city library, or my local bookstore, opens up my mind and I’m able to bring back some new ideas on things I could get started working on, or tips that will help me with any unfinished tasks.

  10. Accept failure, cry, and get back up. As weird as it may sound, accepting failure is probably one of the best things you could do to move on to better things. Today, I accepted I failed at working harder these past few days, even though I felt sick. I failed at staying inspired and instead I gave in and felt stuck. I cried, I screamed, and now I pulled myself together and I’m back at giving it my all. This is what I like to call inspiration fuel!

I really hope we can continue to find inspiration together and to move forward with awesome ideas, greater profitability, and a bigger motivation. I’m cheering for you, and I’m cheering for me!

Be inspired ❤️

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