The Magic of Black and White


The Magic of Black and White Photos

Black and White Photography

I am a lover of all things black and white! When it comes to photography, although I don’t share much of them on my site, black and white images are really one of my favorite types of photos. But there’s a trick to creating timeless and captivating black and white images. Rule of thumb: not every image is meant to be converted in black and white. Breathtaking black and white images are kinds of a replica of a specific moment. I say this because, it is through a black and white image that you are able to create a deeper connection with the viewer, especially if it’s an image that carries all kinds of descriptive emotions. And of course, you can also create connections with color photos, but black and white have a special personality of its own.

I’ve also heard from a lot of people that you can never capture as much emotion on an image as you can through a video. And although this is somewhat true, it’s not at all completely true.


The Recipe for Success

Photographing as a form of documentation is the key to capturing images that speak to the soul. By documenting, directing to create certain reactions, being aware of the surroundings, and thinking primarily in composition, is truly the magic behind captivating photos. So if you think about it, it’s more like cooking. You have a recipe you must follow in order to have the end result that you want. You can mix it up, add your ‘secret sauce’ to it, and find different ways of doing it but you will still end up with a finalized image. How your viewer reacts to your finalized image will entirely depend on your own recipe. Being a Portrait Photographer means that my main goal is to create timeless images that bring moments to life, and to compliment this, I include black and white images to amplify the sense of emotions on an image.

Black and white adds a sense of ‘being there’ that is very unique, along with a range of feelings that make you fall in love with the moment and the emotion presented in the image. The style of photography is also a huge part of how the message of the photo is being captured which is why I am constantly Finding Inspiration and it’s part of the things I do to Develop My Style of Photography. Wether it’s a capture at an event, an emotion, or just a beautiful portrait, black and white photography is a magical way of creating an incomparable connection.


I include black and white on my clients’ gallery and they are a great option for adding a unique touch to your photo wall! To get more information for your next photo session, feel free to contact me here.

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