Food Photography Explained in less than 140 Characters

5 Years Ago, I Fell In Love With Food

Two weeks ago I shared 4 random facts about me on Instagram. One of them is: I am also a food photographer. It took me a long time to share this fact. Reason being, that I’ve been so afraid of people not liking the fact that I do Portraits, but also do Food! ‘What will they think of me?’ ‘Specialized in Portraits but you shoot food photography on the side? Hmm!’ It’s two completely different worlds. And I get it. I don’t mention Food photography anywhere on my website. But this is my blog. And the reason I started my blog years ago, was to share about all the things that I loved. And it’s the reason why my blog is named Pieces of Me. So here’s to all that I love, and all things random 🥂

Bacon and Egg Pizza. Food photography by Yanitza Ninett Photography

I do food photography for a well-known food delivery company, and I also shoot photos of the food/recipes that Chef Alex Gandia prepares on the Saturday morning TV Show Vive Tu Dia, broadcasted by Telemundo 31, for which I’m also the lead photographer (another fact about me 😉). I fell in love with food 5 years ago AFTER I decided to become a vegetarian. The vegetarian lifestyle has sort of forced me into discovering new foods. With this discovery came my love for vibrant veggies, plates filled with layers and textures, spices, herbs, and perfectly shaped fruits.

ingredients for recipe food photography by Yanitza Ninett Photography

Before turning my eating habits around, I never really thought anything about food. To me, it was just food. Nothing special; other than the amazing feeling of being so full and out of breath after eating a really delicious meal! Oh, and repeatedly saying to myself: “I’m never eating like this again!”. But then came ‘taco day’ and it was an ever ending story every day, that I’m sure many of you can relate. I still relate to this. Only that now I’m stuffed with beans, veggies, quinoa, and Kombucha! Food is everything. And the beauty that is captured when photographing food goes far beyond the unimaginable. A really good photograph of food can awaken your senses. It can make you feel either hungry, or disgusted.

I don’t know why I fell in love with food when meat was no longer part of my life, and I don’t know the how either. I only know that in these past 5 years, I’ve learned to see the colors of life through food. And I like it!

Four Cheese Calzone. Food Photography by Yanitza Ninett Photography

“Food photography is complemented by great lighting, perfect angles, image focus, and layers. It's perfected by patience, love, and passion.” - Yanitza Ninett

Explained above in 139 characters, that is all you need to know to excel in food photography. And what is all this talk about food without some food, right?

Enjoy, and as always…be inspired🍍

Pork Tenderloin recipe by Chef Alex Gandia. Food photography by Yanitza Ninett Photography
Pork Tenderloin recipe by Chef Alex Gandia. Food photography by Yanitza Ninett Photography
melon and mozzarella recipe by Chef Alex Gandia. Food photography by Yanitza Ninett Photography
Pyramid rice. Very hard to shoot!

Pyramid rice. Very hard to shoot!

beef liver pita bread sandwich. food photography by Yanitza Ninett photography

Have you fallen in love with food? What do you love the most about food? Do you take pictures of your daily meals? Comment below! I’d love to hear all about it 😌

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