4 Tips for Keeping Your Desk Tidy

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4 Tips for Keeping Your Desk Organized and Tidy

Clutter-free Workspace

It’s been a while since I shared What’s in My Camera Bag and I thought sharing ways to keep your desk clean and organized would also be a great idea! Maintaining a tidy workspace is sometimes a struggle. Being a creative professional also means working with tons of papers, folders, sticky notes, colored pencils, paper clips, stencils, and notebooks, not to mention the USB cables! I have the USB lightning charging cable for my phone, my speaker, keyboard, and mouse, on my desk at all times. But one thing I can’t deal with is having the cable all over the place. My need for seeing everything in place might start kicking in and of course, it can get really annoying.


One of the things I love to use to keep my desk nice and tidy is the Cable Clip Organizer by Blue Key World. It’s small, taking up very little space, and it’s made from a rubber-ish material with a self-adhesive back making it easy to stick on all kinds of surfaces. You can use them anywhere in your home, dorm, or office. Along with these super handy, eco-friendly cable keepers, the following tips will also help you keep your desk organized!

Tips for Having a Tidy Desk and Keeping in That Way

  1. Use a notebook instead of sticky notes. I have tons of notebooks for my notes! Main reason is that it helps me stay organized without having an overload of sticky notes on my desk. All my notebooks are assigned to something specific which helps me find my notes a lot faster.

  2. Use wireless keyboard and mouse. Yes, please!

  3. Keep cables out of the way. This pretty much explains why you should have number 3. I keep all my cables out of the way using the Cable Clip Organizers from Blue Key World. It helps me keep my desk free of unnecessary cables sticking out and cluttering my work space.

  4. Use your pen holder! You’re probably laughing right now because you know you don’t use it all and all your pens are probably laying around…somewhere! To be honest with you, I’m kind of strict about this. When I’m done working for the day, putting all my pens and pencils back in my pen holder is the first thing I do before leaving my desk. You won’t believe how much this helps!

Creating a routine for eliminating clutter is always on my list of goals and I’m constantly looking for ways to keep my workspace tidy. Working in a clean space will definitely help you complete more tasks and it’s also a great way to work in a stress-free environment.

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How do you keep your workspace clutter-free? Share below!


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