Professional Headshots Meet Spontaneity

My Thoughts about Professional Headshots

Contrary to what others may believe, if you own a business, professional headshots are a must! It doesn’t matter if you are a Baker, a Personal Trainer, or an Interior Designer. The first impression is the one that counts the most and you want to make yours an unforgettable one with a professional image.

Nowadays, it's easy to get caught up in the 'I'll just take a picture with my phone' insanity. And that's totally fine. I mean, even I'm guilty of it! But when it comes to your business, you should know that a picture with your phone will not suffice. You need a professional headshot that creates a connection and tells the story of who you are - the story of your brand!


The best way to think about it is this. There are a million others doing exactly what you do, but no one does it the way you do it. And if first impressions are really all that count, how are you going to stand out above the rest? Will you stand out with a selfie? Mmm...I don't think so!

Apart from the About page on your website, a professional headshot can really help you build that connection between who you are, what you offer, and most importantly, it helps you stand out from the rest. It creates a positive visual engagement with your followers, prospects, and clients.

Did you know that your image influences the decision of others in choosing you for business? In addition, It's also a huge part of your business branding. Knowing this, wouldn't you want to show your best self?

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3 Tips for Adding Spontaneity to your Professional Headshots

Even if your business is not personality driven, there is still no reason why you shouldn't have a professional headshot. To make yours unique, here are 3 tips to add spontaneity to your professional headshots and branding images. 

  1. Be yourself. Sometimes, showing your best side is not enough. Show your natural smile and have fun! 

  2. Accessorize. Whether it's your tie, a scarf, or even your favorite watch, accessories will help you look less tense, resulting in more natural looking photos. 

  3. Be an Author for one day. It might sound silly, but writing your story is the only way others will know exactly who you are and what you offer. So the day of the shoot, pretend you’re writing your story. Tell me what makes you stand out from the rest, and why future clients should choose you. In turn, this will be transferred into images with uniqueness and personality that stay true to your brand. Let me tell your story!

Elisa Maldonado, Real Estate Specialist who loves giving personal, quality service to her customers.  Connect with Elisa.

Elisa Maldonado, Real Estate Specialist who loves giving personal, quality service to her customers. Connect with Elisa.

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